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Technology   Space   primarily   focuses   on   providing   superior   products,   combined   with unrivalled   technical   assistance,   expertise   and   knowledge   for   all   Banking   and   Office product needs and Document Management Solutions. We   are   keen   in   addressing   the   Banking   sector,   with   our   full,   state-of-the-art   product portfolio   mainly   for   teller   and   branch   automation.   We   assure   also   reliable   and   rapid support, key factors for financial institutions. Our   team   is   constantly   evaluating   and   scouting   for   new   solutions   to   be   added   to   our portfolio   as   we   strongly   believe   that   keeping   up   with   new   technologies   is   the   key   to success,   enabling   our   customers   to   reduce   costs,   increase   security   and   further   raise satisfaction   levels.   In   fact   we   have   been   proven   to   contribute   in   improving   their competitive   positions   by   increasing   efficiency   and   transparency,   reducing   costs   and improving the end-user experience. Every    business/product    line    has    dedicated    staff    to    ensure    proper    promotion    and support. Our support infrastructure covers the whole country.